Welcome to The Waiting Room (TWR) #TWRFoundIt – Health and Wellbeing at your Fingertips

TWR Version 2 was released in May 2018. Faster, smarter and cleaner, the new TWR can translate into well over 80 languages, has full search capabilities, offers direct call functionality and a simple but effective “share this service” facility both through personal media options and social media platforms.

Housed within our own bespoke customised platform, designed to offer up-to-date and readily usable information, TWR V2 is clearly at the forefront of smart technology development by linking people with support options across the health and social care landscape.

A true virtual one-stop shop with health and wellbeing services quite literally, at your finger-tips. If you want more information about TWR then visit www.the-waitingroom.org or email us at [email protected] www.the-waitingroom.org e: [email protected] Twitter @TWR_org #TWRFoundIt#CommonUnity

(TWR )The Waiting Room can now be translated into over 100 languages. Making it easier than ever before to find the right health and wellbeing service for you. Developed for Birmingham and Solihull Citizens, TWR is the virtual one-stop-shop for health and wellbeing connections.

The Waiting Room connecting you to the right service –

www.the-waitingroom.org Making the smart choice and connecting you to hundreds of health and wellbeing services. Coming Soon www.the-waitingroom.org

Have you got a minute? Preview – New TWR coming in 2018 The Waiting Room your local health and social care resource – a teaser for 2018

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