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About Us

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We are a Health and Social Care organisation with a difference working in mental health and well-being. We work with communities traditionally seen as ‘hard to reach.’

However, we don’t necessarily feel that communities are hard to reach. We do believe though that to engage with all communities we have to work smarter and in places where the communities are.

Through this approach, we have developed excellent partnerships with a range of communities across Birmingham and wider and continue to work tirelessly to make a real difference at a grassroots level with communities.

There is an ongoing need to provide health and wellbeing programmes that have communities at their heart. We have delivered a wide range of social media and face to face wellbeing programmes that focus on upstream approaches to the health and social care landscape.

By “upstream” we mean programmes of work that helps people help themselves before life gets too difficult to cope with.

We help individuals, communities and service providers overcome perceived barriers to communication and the fulfilment of potential, ensuring that services are both accessible and relevant.

Our Epic Approach

Through programmes that Educate, Protect, Intervene and Champion we support people to know what needs to be done to keep themselves as well as they can be.

Our approach to improving wellbeing recognises that short term investment in individual wellbeing has huge benefits in the long term.

That’s why people are at the heart of everything we do. So, all of our
programmes don’t start with illness, instead we begin with looking to build on health and wellbeing.

Our portfolio

Our portfolio to date covers a range of areas including:

  • The Waiting Room – an online directory for local health and wellbeing services.
  • The Connecting Community Networks programme
  • Urbrum – a community focussed social media platform,
  • The Community Cohesion Programme
  • Suicide Prevention Training
  • Peer Support Programmes and the legendary Birmingham Barbershop Project.

Our Associates

No single organisation can be all things for all people. Common Unity is no exception to this rule.

To achieve the greatest positive impact in respect of our communities and to best inform decision makers, we recognise that strong partnerships are key to success. Just as our city is diverse in nature, we recognise that our approach needs to be diverse incorporating the best specialist associates to achieve the best results.

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Caron Thompson – Company Director and Founder