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Common Unity interviewed Bethel Networks and Mothership on the fantasic services they offer to Birmingham citizens.
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Real People, Real Voices Citizens of Birmingham and Solihull.
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SCHEMA an approach to suicide prevention, a one-day training programme, that has been developed and designed to enable people from all walks of life to reduce the likelihood of potential suicide.
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The Waiting Room - provides an alternative approach to taking control of our own health and well-being.
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TWR is a platform designed to provide information and support that can be navigated with minimum difficulty.
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We are your sons, your husbands, your brothers, your fathers, your work colleagues, your friends and your soul mates and we are finding it increasingly difficult to survive in an ever changing world.
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URBRUM.ORG - "Engaging Communities Through Innovative Technologies".

Community Engagement

The Success of The Being Well Works Well Conference 2018

“FANTASTIC CONFERENCE!!”  October 10th 2018 (World Mental Health Day) saw the “Being Well Works Well” Conference come to fruition through the leadership of Common Unity.   Its aims were to provide networking opportunities locally, regionally Read More

Connecting Community Networks

What is Connecting Community Networks All About? Life can be hard…but for some, because of particular circumstances, and more often than not, through no fault of their own, life can Read More

The Key Ring That Saves Lives

At the age of 17 I knew there was something that had changed about my Auntie. The things she was saying didn’t make sense; It’s as if overnight she had Read More

Common Unity Videos

Suicide Prevention

Applied Suicide Intervention Sk...

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) trains frontline staff and the wider community in early intervention. The 15-hour workshop held over two days teaches participants to connect, understand and assist people Read More

West Midlands Fire Service endo...

I know will-power plays a big part but the support we provided via The Waiting Room Resource Key has been priceless for him.     Aston Fire Station recently shared TWR keys amongst Read More

So let’s face the facts as we k...

Men are struggling. They find it hard to engage with existent mainstream health and social care services and often would prefer to suffer in silence than seek help.

Training and Development

The Phenomenon of Suicide MM Th...

Suicide is one of the last big taboos’ in modern day society; a phenomenon that affects so many people in our communities in so many ways and yet has not…

360 People Brings Solutions

Times are hard. Organisations are having to tighten their financial belts but are still expected to deliver best quality services to the greatest number of people. To make this happen, delivery agencies have…

BBC Dan Kelly Talks about suici...

BBC West Midlands 95.6 presenter Dan Kelly talks about suicide within your communities and ways of preventing them with the help of Common Unity…

Caron Thompson

Common Unity believes that if you want to relate across communities, then you have to start to work more effectively with communities from where they are at. During its six years of delivering innovative services in Birmingham, we have recognised that only through meaningful grassroots dialogue where the agenda is equally owned can the real issues for communities be recognised and prioritised accordingly. The top down approach of seeing challenges and difficulties being homogeneously relevant to all sectors of our community with the same solutions being deemed applicable is a mistaken one. Yet, at the same time there are many opportunities for different communities to incorporate assets that work within other communities. To ensure that this richly diverse city achieves all it is capable of achieving, there is a need for decision makers to be in a position where their decisions are based on real local intelligence including real local solutions. Common Unity have a clear and vital specialist conduit role in ensuring this happens.

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