Black Lives Matter
I use the waiting room as a signposting location as I work with young people in crisis, it has come in handy - very handy.

- Young Persons Health Professional

I enjoyed the course, it was easy to keep up with and was really interesting.”
“This is a great programme. A real eye opener into men’s lives and mental health.”
“A good experience. Very positive. A variety of subjects covered in a relaxed manner.”
“The ManMade approach allows conversations to flow without strictly sticking to an agenda.”
“I found listening to the point of views and different perspectives on such sensitive topics that do relate to me very useful.”
“We weren’t talked down to or just handed a lot of written material. Instead we were encouraged to talk and share our opinions on these topics.

- ManMade Birmingham - Home Group

I feel that the day was incredibly useful & I was able to learn skills & tools to use in my personal & professional life.

- Schema Delegate