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LITA – Life is the AIM online training

LITA (Life is the AIM) was developed by Forward For Life and Common Unity with the recognition that in today’s uncertain times there is an ever pressing need to provide people with gatekeeper skills training in suicide prevention through an online platform. 

Directed at organisations and communities, LITA is a short and practical 2.5 hour online introduction to supporting people with thoughts of suicide to stay alive.

What do we mean by gatekeeper training?

In the field of suicide prevention, the term gatekeeper refers to individuals in a community who have face-to-face contact with community members regularly.

They may be trained to identify persons at risk of suicide and refer them to treatment or supporting services as appropriate.

The Learning Objectives of LITA

  • Understand the impact of suicide and the stigma surrounding suicide
  • Gain a knowledge of the common myths and misconceptions
  • Have a good base line knowledge of how to identify those at risk
  • Skills gained in open and direct dialogue
  • Recognise and feel able to ask the question of suicide.
  • Understand the value of listening and open and direct dialogue
  • Direct those at risk to appropriate support opportunities
  • Knowledge of local and national support resources
  • Confidence increase in supporting a person who may be at risk of suicide
  • Knowledge of importance of self-care/personal support opportunities.

Accessing LITA

Future opportunities for accessing the on-line LITA training will be highlighted in the Training Diary section of this website.

If you are thinking about LITA training being delivered to your organisation then don’t hesitate to contact us.

t. 07585776800