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Introducing LITA our two hour interactive online workshop

LITA (Life is the AIM) Suicide prevention gatekeeper training was developed by Forward For Life and Common Unity with the recognition that in today’s uncertain times there is an ever pressing need to provide people from all walks of life with gatekeeper skills training in suicide prevention through an online platform.

What you will learn:

LITA is a 2 hour online gatekeeper training short course that supports recipients to:

• Understand the impact of suicide
• Have knowledge of how to identify those at risk
• Understand the value of listening
• Direct those at risk to appropriate support opportunities.

Who is it for:

LITA is being offered out to organisations and communities across the UK to provide people with a knowledge base of how to start to support people who may be thinking of suicide with the aim of maintaining life as an outcome. LITA is also useful for those organisations who already have employees who have attended our SCHEMA or ASIST courses by providing organisations with the opportunity for enhanced internal support.

For further information about LITA or any of our face to face training options Please contact :

Terry Rigby 07585776800 or email :

You can download a copy of the flyer in PDF format by clicking here

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