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Independent Review of the Mental Health Act 1983: supporting documents

The Mental Health Act Review African and Caribbean group (MHARAC) has been established to support the aims of the Independent Review. MHARAC will make recommendations designed to ensure that people of African and
Caribbean descent with mental health challenges receive the treatment and support they need, when and where they need it, are treated with dignity, and that their liberty and autonomy are respected as far as possible.

To achieve this, MHARAC will:

• Give due attention to the implementation and practice of the Mental Health Act as experienced by people of African and Caribbean descent or heritage

• Identify and critically evaluate a range of relevant evidence and data to support thinking and recommendation development.

• Identify and critically appraise aspects of relevant legislation, and consider issues that may particularly impact people of African and Caribbean descent.

• Identify effective practice and propose solutions to identified issues, which will work in the best interests of people of African and Caribbean descent.
In this report we refer to people of Black African and Caribbean origin, descent or heritage. This includes people who self-identify as Black, Black British or Mixed Heritage.

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