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BWWW Conference Report 2018


As part of Birmingham and Solihull’s Connecting Community Networks Programme, Common Unity hosted the 2018 World Mental Health Day Conference in Birmingham with a bit of a difference. Common Unity use the E.P.I.C approach in respect of mental health and wellbeing meaning that we work upstream to Educate, Protect, Intervene and Champion programmes and approaches that support mental health and wellbeing across communities…. after all, as Benjamin Franklin stated, An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. What is Connecting Community Networks all about?

Connecting Community Networks (CCN) looks to protect and enhance citizen wellbeing and promote life quality. It oversees the delivery of a number of much needed holistic services that has real, evidenced based wellbeing benefits for some of our most vulnerable members in the community. CCN takes a different approach from many other traditional services by starting from a premise of vulnerability and risk due to life challenges and looking to demonstrate a positive resolution for the individual based on improved wellbeing…. Read more  BWWW_Conference_Report_2018

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