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Barber Shop Report

The Barbershop Programme is a groundbreaking scheme in Birmingham that has a holistic, social based approach to engaging our communities, especially the youth, on the issues around mental health and well-being. The main products from this programme are a city wide magazine and web-site, but this is just a small part of the whole venture. Barbershop is a programme that offers opportunities through education in I.T., web site development, report writing, journalism as well as volunteering opportunities and payments for work undertaken towards the magazine and web-site. It engages young men on the subject of mental health and well-being in a way that is meaningful and relevant to those individuals. It promotes cohesion between and within communities. It promotes individual self-esteem and resilience through active engagement and it effectively challenges the stigma that exists around mental health problems. All of the key partners in Barbershop Birmingham are Birmingham based non-profit social enterprises and third sector organisations.

Download Barbershop Birmingham Consultation Report

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