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Who SCHEMA is designed for

Common Unity and Forward For Life believe that suicide prevention requires a range of approaches to be effective. One of the key approaches is through the delivery of training that looks to strengthen the knowledge base, the skill base and the resilience levels within and across our communities for all community members both in a professional context and general population context.

SCHEMA, as a one day training programme, has been developed and designed to enable people from all walks of life, through adopting a six stage approach, to reduce the likelihood of potential
suicide behaviour and therefore reduce suicide.


SCHEMA – How it will help you:

• Spot the signals of possible suicide ideation
• Ask the right questions
• Explore with empathy
• Assess risk and forward plan
• Enable short-term support and appropriate signposting
• Learn the skills that can save lives


For further information about this training, please feel free to contact us directly:

Caron Thompson 
m. 07990947093


Terry Rigby
m. 07585776800