Common Unity has continued to work in partnership with young people to develop the URBRUM project which is now one of the leading young people programmes across the city of Birmingham. 

Issue 3 of URBRUM features:

The waiting room – which offers easy and useful contacts for well-being services.
The latest youth movement across the city – Local talent, URBRUM Gamer and much more.
What’s happening in your local community – Community stories, events and advertisements.



Talk Speak Yell Event:

THE EVENT Organised by Common Unity Social Enterprise and the Community Development Workers. TALK, SPEAK, YELL event was designed to promote URBRUM Youth Inclusion Programme and the Community Health Champion project which are both part of the Community Cohesion Programme currently being delivered by the Community Development Team and partnering organisations. Though the weather on the day was grey and chilly with only the occasional glimpse of the sun, there was a lot on offer to brighten the day… read more


The Waiting Room:

Welcome to the waiting room the first online signposting resource develop by young people to support their needs on subjects such as: Community organisation, Mental Health services, Young people services, Housing and homeless and much more…read more 


What is Recovery?

When anyone mentions ‘recovery’, most people’s first thought is ‘from what?’ This is because recovery is usually about regaining something we have lost or our need to do so. Recovery, for us, could mean something physical such as recovering from a cold, virus or broken leg; or something emotional like a traumatic event, a relationship breakdown or the stress of moving house or changing jobs… read more


The new URBRUM Magazine (Issue 3) is now available to view online click here to read.
Hard copies will be available hot off the press at the end of July 2014.


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