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Suicides are on the increase

across England and there is a coalition driven suicide prevention strategy BUT there is NO "must do" requirement for suicide prevention strategies to exist locally. As founders of SOS, and in partnership with Forward For Life, We are keen that suicide prevention strategies become mandatory and are actively implemented across England. 


It is not only us that think this. In January 2013 a report was produced by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Suicide and Self-Harm Prevention with a number of recommendations that it felt should be considered by parliament.
The report highlights that:

The future of local suicide prevention plans through this period of transition depend  upon several inter-connected factors; leadership and local champions, identification of suicide prevention as a priority, availability of resources and the long-term survival of suicide prevention groups. The future of local suicide prevention plans is fragile; often relying upon the commitment of dedicated individuals. 


The fact that local suicide prevention plans are not a statutory requirement of the new national suicide prevention strategy is a major barrier to their survival.
The first recommendation of this report states that it should be a requirement of all local authority areas to develop a suicide prevention plan led by the director of public health or senior member of the public health team and establish a suicide prevention group. Local suicide prevention plans should include provision for self-harm prevention and those bereaved by suicide.
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