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Common Unity is a health and social care social enterprise which delivers a proactive approach to service co-ordination and development, writes founder and managing director, Caron Thompson. Common Unity was established in 2009 by community engagement activists who were born, lived and educated in the inner city parts of the West Midlands.The organisation offers a […]

The World Health Organisation (WHO) ASIST

The World Health Organisation (WHO)     knows that suicide is not being dealt with adequately because of a basic lack of awareness of suicide as a major problem and because of the taboo around suicide meaning many societies won’t openly discuss it. The WHO also recognises that suicide prevention requires involvement from all sectors […]

Suicide – The Biggest Elephant in the Room

“Suicide does not end the chances of life getting worse. Suicide eliminates the possibility of it ever getting better.”   The Elephants Story   Download the document here: The_Biggest_Elephant_In_The_Room     Human beings throughout history have taken their own lives, or more simply put, have died from suicide. It is a phenomenon that persists to this […]

The Waiting Room gathers speed in Birmingham

The Waiting Room (TWR) Resource Key provides an alternative approach to taking control of our own health and well-being – it does this by providing a virtual bridge between services in the community and the people that need those services. Tested initially with 25 GP Surgeries across the South and Centre of Birmingham and several […]

So let’s face the facts as we know them….

Men are struggling. They find it hard to engage with existent mainstream health and social care services and often would prefer to suffer in silence than seek help.

Suicide Prevention Raises Money For Local Charity

Suicides devastate communities and supporting those bereaved by suicide is a mammoth task in its own right. With over 6000 people each year taking their own lives across communities in the UK, the impact on families, friends and wider communities is unfathomable because its a fact that for each and every suicide that occurs, at least […]

The 5th anniversary of Common Unity

Caron Thompson of Common Unity Giving an overview of the last 5 years of being established. This includes aims, achievements, projects partners and future plans. Common Unity Social Enterprise is a Health and Social Care organisation specialising in working on mental health and wellbeing with ‘hard to reach’ communities. It was established in 2009 by community activists […]