Evaluation of joint mental health commissioning team Feb 2013

Evaluation of joint mental health commissioning team

in partnership with public health Community Cohesion Programme (CCP) and Community Health Champions (CHC) Model February 2013 

We have been delighted to conduct a review of this ambitious and innovative set of services and commend this programme to the new and reconfigured Health Service in Birmingham. In terms of service delivery, these are relatively early days for the programme and some adjustment of performance management and monitoring are only to be expected as the learning develops. Nevertheless, the results are very encouraging and we hope and expect that these services will generate considerable interest and be taken up more widely in the UK.

Our overall assessment is that the Birmingham Community Health Champion (CHC) and Community Cohesion Programme (CCP) is making a significant contribution to the improvement of mental health and wellbeing in the city. Birmingham’s ambitious programme is building both individual and community resilience through a range of pioneering and innovative schemes that address mental health in its social context.

Our research of national policies and best practice has clearly demonstrated that the key principles and desired outcomes that the programme is designed to achieve fit very well with developing national policy and are well grounded in professional knowledge and academic research. The programme is based on principles of prevention, promotion of mental health and wellbeing, partnership with the voluntary and community sector and empowering communities. These are common threads running through a long succession of national policy papers and research reports.


formore information please download the report below.


Download the report here: iCoCoAssocEvaluation_CCP_CHCReport

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