We Developed the URBRUM Project


Hey every one we have something very exciting for you, we have just released URBRUM Magazine issue 2!

Which has some of our amazing articles to inspire the whole of Birmingham.

Whether your a Football player, Singer/Song Writer, an Artist with a passion, or an avarage joe we have something for everybody.



The magazine features:


  • GRAFFITI ART In Birmingham,
  • HEALING TEAMWORK Ignorance To Mental Health Issues
  • SHE LOVES ME She Loves Me Not
  • DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH "Nothing Worth Having Comes Easily"
  • And Much, Much more




Download your Free Version here:

URBRUM MAGAZINE ISSUE 2 Single page spread

URBRUM MAGAZINE ISSUE 2 Double page spread


Or Read Online:

Why not read me online!


Special Thanks to 

Caron Thompson // John Omera // David Tims // Chanelle Yearwood // Lana Salmon // Jonathon Davis // Stephen Lewis //Jonathan Morley // Ibrar Uddin // Uroy Kelly // Shakeal Ahmed // Stephen Lloyd // Leviete Gibbs // Duane Courtney // Ms Martha // Junior James // Bushra Peart // Andy Gayle //  Tanayah Sam // Danny Beckett // Start Again // Birmingham Metropolitan College // The Drum // Castle Vale Community Regeneration Service Reach The Charity //Graffitti Team // Common-Unity.com


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