“Too often strategic documents seem to bombard people with facts and figures – these are important but I think too much emphasis on facts and figures misses the key point of how people feel about issues. If things or situations make emotional sense, we’re far more inclined to carry them out. We tend to communicate and respond emotionally far more than we’re aware of." Caron Thompson


Common Unity Social Enterprise is a Health and Social Care organisation specialising in health and wellbeing

prevention and intervention programmes within ‘hard to reach’ communities. It was established in 2009 by community activists from BME communities who were also mental health professionals, and who had grown up in the inner city areas of the West Midlands.

Our personal and professional experiences have formed our instincts about, and specific insights into, what works in communication with a wide range of audiences. We help individuals, communities and service providers to overcome barriers to communication and the fulfilment of potential, ensuring that services are both accessible and relevant.

Common Unity has been commissioned by the Local Authority, NHS Primary Care Trust and a number of Third Sector organisations in Birmingham and Sandwell, to support them in
research and consultation with specific communities.


For more information on common unity please download our brochure : CU Brochure Web Version

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